Just got back from an early breakfast at Crescendo, a nice Italian restaurant right on the waterfront in Verdun. Their tax issues with the city (borough?) of Verdun notwithstanding, my husband and I found this a nice alternative to our regular Pointe St-Charles haunt, The Fine Pointe. Within walking distance of our place, this may be the first (and only?) breakfast place in Verdun worth checking out!

According to the online reviews we found, the place is a bit pricey for lunch or dinner, but we found their breakfast prices fairly reasonable. You can get two eggs, your choice of meat, plus baked beans, toast, fresh fruit, home fries and coffee for about $7 per person (depending on the type of meats you want). The menu is pretty basic, with French toast and omelette options, but nothing super fancy like Eggs Benedict. You can get a cappuccino or a latté if you desire, however, so that’s a nice touch.

Restaurant Crescendo (photo by Flickr user dennisfones)

Restaurant Crescendo (photo by Flickr user dennisfones)

The restaurant itself has a nice big terrasse with a great view of the St-Laurent River, so you can watch all the people going by on their canoes, speedboats, sailboats or… boogie boards? (We were trying to figure out what this group of three people were doing. It looked like they had some wide, short surfboards and were trying to paddle them, standing up. We forgot the camera at home, so there are unfortunately no photos of these weirdos. Any guesses?) Or just soak up some sun and watch the dog-walkers, cyclists and rollerbladers whizz past on the bike path just outside. Which makes me wonder: why aren’t there more waterfront restos in this town? I mean, it’s not like we live on an island, or anything…

Anyway, if you want to grab a table on the terrasse, you’ll want to get there early. By the time we were leaving at about 10 AM, the place was already packed, and some jerkoff was swinging a baby around. Apparently my husband saw the guy bash one of the waitresses in the face with the kid’s feet, and, in typical rude Montrealer fashion, the douche didn’t even bother to apologize. Classy! I just hope the waitress later “accidentally” punched him in the back of the head, spit in his coffee, and spilled his meal in his lap, but the staff seemed way too nice for that kind of revenge fantasy.

Aside from the psycho hose-beasts that may be breakfasting beside you, the restaurant seemed quite nice. Their home-fries appeared to have come from a bag, which didn’t impress me, but I enjoyed their crusty bread and thick sausages. They also serve their coffee in a cup and saucer, for that upscale edge. It’s always nice to have a place to rest your dirty coffee spoon, am I right?

If you’re feeling wild and crazy, grab the ferry over to Nun’s Island afterward. The pontoon departs from the “marina” just outside (I employ scare quotes here as it’s about the tiniest marina I’ve ever seen, consisting of maybe five total piers that are brought in to land during the winter freeze), takes about five minutes shore-to-shore, and only costs $2.50 per person. Seems like a fun way to tow your bikes over for a ride on another island in the stream, and if you’re short on cash, you can always take the pedestrian bridge back instead.

One final note: Crescendo doesn’t take Interac, though they’ve got one of those freelance (read: sketch-o) ATMs by the front door, so you might want to hit the bank before strolling on down.

ADDRESS: 5150 Lasalle Blvd. (Verdun)
METRO: Verdun
PHONE: (514) 766-2171


4 responses to “Crescendo

  1. There is also “Nu Art” on Wellington across from Game Zone. They do breakfast brunch on the weekends.
    Their crepes are good. I don’t like the staff, but the food is usually quite good and it is popular.

    Note: they don’t take credit or atm cards and no one speaks a word of English.

  2. I’ve never been to Nu Art, but it does seem popular with the locals. Thanks for the tip on the credit/debit cards!

  3. Hate to be so negative on my first visit to your good blog but I have to say that I boycott Crescendo. More to it than taxes. The Verdun Yacht Club which was in operations on that location for over 75 years was turfed out under a myriad of political reasons – which included the aesthetic values of Nun’s Islanders whose influence almost turned the Verdun waterfront into a Miami Beach type condo strip, which of course is visually pleasing to people who live in towers. They even moved the playground in a few hundred yards to maximize profits at the ice cream door. Former Mayor George Bosse apparently has a double penthouse right on the water. As Mel Brooks once put it, “It’s good to be King!”

  4. Hey neath,

    I find it surprising to hear that there is such a thing as a Verdun Yacht Club, given that a) Verdun is so working-class/poor that I doubt many of the residents could afford a yacht and b) that “marina” is pretty laughable. I’ve been walking down on the bike path a lot, wondering what’s up with all the unspoiled nature, though, so it’s interesting to know that the Nun’s Island people wanted to see condos there. I definitely wouldn’t want to see condos, but I do find it a bit odd that the waterfront is SO undeveloped, especially when it comes to amenities like public restrooms, trash cans, drinking fountains, and the like for long-haul cyclists and anyone else enjoying what is, essentially, a very long slice of park land.