President’s Choice tuna gets fancy

coconuttunaWhile I’m not normally very picky about brands, I’m starting to develop a real loyalty to the President’s Choice line of products. I recently tried some of their new tuna flavours, which incorporate sauces like Curry Coconut Cream Sauce and Sweet and Sour Sauce into your fish-eating experience, and they were really tasty.

They were also really cheap, which I love as a proponent of the Shoestring Lifestyle. Each can cost only $1.99, and if you eat it over rice, you’ve got yourself a full meal right there. (Yes, I know, I am breaking my previously stated “Rice is the devil” rule. It’s still the devil, but sometimes you’ve just got to eat what feels right.)

The Curry Coconut Cream Sauce tuna is a great Thai-inspired dish, and contains chunks of pineapple and red pepper, in addition to the chunky light tuna. I’m currently eating a bowl of it with some basmati rice, and it’s really delicious. Yesterday I tried the Sweet and Sour version (also over basmati rice), which was a nice deviation from sweet and sour chicken and also contained bits of pineapple.

I would definitely recommend these to anybody who loves tuna or is looking for a way to spice up the old tuna and mayo standard sandwich. These aren’t spreadable, as they contain a lot of sauce, so they’re better for eating at home than at work (unless you come to work with a container of pre-made rice or noodles and just heat it all up, come lunchtime). The nutritional info shows that this is a low-carb snack (though adding rice or noodles would definitely bump it up), and the sodium levels are decent as well. You’ll get 250 calories from the Curry Coconut, but only 170 from the Sweet and Sour version (though the sodium levels are higher on that one).

For those who aren’t convinced by the pan-Asian styles of those two options, there are also the Flaked Light Tuna in Black Pepper Sauce and the Flaked Light Tuna with Beans and Corn varieties. My husband tried the black pepper sauce version and said he liked it, though we are both avoiding the beans and corn combo. Yuck!

If you’re looking to buy some of these new additions to the PC line, they’re available at any Provigo or Loblaws throughout Quebec. Bon appétit!

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