The original Spam, resplendent in its 800 mg of sodium.

The original Spam, resplendent in its 800 mg of sodium.

I was just thinking about how much junk email I get, and since it’s called “spam,” I started thinking about the meat-product that inspired the name (via Monty Python and their Spam song). I mean, has anyone here ever eaten Spam? I know I haven’t. What the heck does it taste like? Is it any good? I mean, it’s canned ham… or some kind of ham-flavoured substitute, I suppose.

According to the Spam website, Spam was first introduced in 1937, and it fed Allied troops in WWII (ew!). In 1963 they introduced “deviled Spam” (a possible oxymoron), in 1971 they introduced Hickory-Smoked Spam and Spam With Cheese. For those watching their weight, Spam Lite was created in 1992, and contained 25% less fat and sodium; in 1995, the fat content was reduced by 50% (sodium levels apparently remain high: 580 mg of sodium are in each serving). In 1997 the bizarre product “Spam Oven Roasted Turkey” was introduced (is it turkey or is it spam? the mind reels!). Hot and Spicy Spam was introduced in 2000, to corner the hot-n-spicy market (did you realize salsa is the number one condiment in America?). In 2004, Spam With Real Bacon was put on the market (pig and MORE pig? Spam, you’re CRAZY!), and in 2007 a grand total of 7 BILLION cans of the stuff had been sold worldwide. How’s that for insanity?

Spam, man. Honestly, I don’t get it. If you’ve got a Spam-related story (about the canned ham product, and not the junk email), I’d like to hear it!


5 responses to “Spam

  1. Watch Bourdain go nuts over Spam


  2. LoL! That’s awesome. I never would have imagined Hawaiians were eating Spam, let alone 4 million cans of it!!

  3. I’ve tasted it before.

    It’s beyond nasty.

  4. Spam rocks!
    Okay – I haven’t eaten it since being a kid and then university student. But as far as canned meat goes – it’s pretty dam good.

    Slice it – and place between some white bread (you’re eating meat from a can – and you’re going to choose now to worry about your health?) – a bit of mustard and voila! Throw some lettuce in there if you want to be fancy.


  5. A little sliced SPAM on white rice with a couple of fried eggs and a little soy sauce = heaven.