I didn’t get a chance to update the “Sunday Snack Attack” yesterday, as my husband and I were busy celebrating our 1-year wedding anniversary with a nice dinner out, so instead I shall regale you with the story of how Aka-Fuji has now become our favourite sushi place in Montreal.

Meet the chef! (photo via Hour.ca)

We first decided to visit Aka-Fuji after reading Joshua Karpati’s positive review in the Hour. As he put it, “downtown’s loss is Verdun’s gain,” and since we’re always on the look-out for good restos in the hood, we had to check it out. We strolled down Wellington, braving a street fair to get there. At first we were the only people in the joint, which was a bit disconcerting, but it eventually began to fill up. And I’m sure it’s going to become a total hotspot, if it isn’t already, because the food was great!

To start, they brought us a dish of wasabi peas, which was a nice touch. We also ordered saké, so they let us choose our cups, and we began drinking as they prepared our tempura. We had the medium tempura plate (there’s also a large size), which came with four shrimp and a variety of deep-fried veggies. As Karpati says in his review, it’s a very light batter and not the super greasy/salty concoction we typically associate with tempura. The shrimp were perfect, and although I burned myself on the veggies, I would give them a thumbs up as well.

Next up we went straight to the sushi. Unfortunately, they were out of the ingredients for the Spider variety (soft shell crab, avocado, bonito flakes, sea smelt roe, mayo), so we ended up going for the Spicy California instead, but I thought they were super tasty nevertheless. We also opted for some of the Spicy Hotate (scallop) and the Kara-Age (fried chicken, crab stick, omelette, cucumber, sea smelt roe, mayo), all of which were tasty, but next time I think I would like to try some without mayo. The Aka-Fuji sounded delicious to me, but my husband isn’t a big fan of either salmon or eel (the ingredients are listed as shrimp, omelette, crab stick, grilled eel, salmon roe, squid, scallop, cucumber, Japanese squash, and lettuce, and I wonder how they can cram it all in!), so next time I may have to order them for myself and let him pick something else.

All in all, I enjoyed the meal, the service was super attentive, and I found it to be a nice, straightforward menu for those who like sushi. Plenty of selection, without being overwhelming, plus several combo ideas for those who aren’t sure what to choose. We ordered saké, so our total was over the usual amount I’d allow for a “cheap” restaurant, but without the alcohol, it’d definitely be affordable. And I’m definitely going to be back!

Sushi is, to me, the best summertime meal, so having a great sushi restaurant in the neighbourhood is one of the best things that can happen, aside from sitting outside with an ice-cold beverage on a terrasse or balcony. You can get items to go as well, and if you visit the website, they’ve got a PDF version of the menu that you can peruse before you go. If you live in the area, I’d definitely recommend Aka-Fuji!

ADDRESS: 3872 Wellington (Verdun)
METRO: de l’Eglise
PHONE: (514) 223-4262
WEBSITE: aka-fuji.com
HOURS: Closed Mondays, Tues-Wed & Sat-Sun 4-9PM, Thurs-Fri noon-9PM


3 responses to “Aka-Fuji

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  2. I don’t get it. I walk up and down Wellington street at least once per week (always stopping at baodao for bubble tea) and I’ve never seen this place.

    I forget the name but I loved the big all-you-can-eat sushi place on Verdun/De L’eglise. I’m not sure what happened but I guess it’s closed for good.

  3. It’s down by Hickson, which seems to be the stretch of Wellington that nobody goes to unless they want cheap shoes and Dollar Stores.