Mémé Tartine

I’ve lived in Verdun for over a year now, and I just got around to trying Mémé Tartine yesterday. Which is ridiculous, because I pass the place every time I go to the metro, and I’ve heard good things, but I guess it sometimes takes a feud with your local café to try new things, eh?

I was supposed to meet up with a friend for lattés yesterday afternoon, and although we ended up missing each other, I’m not too upset because as it turns out, Mémé Tartine rocks!

First of all, their location is unbeatable: it’s right next to the Verdun metro, so anyone coming or going is likely to take a chance and pop in for a coffee before work, after work, or whenever.

Secondly, they’ve got a great little terrasse out front, now that the weather has warmed up, with an umbrella and two Adirondack chairs to lounge in, as well as a few café tables.

Third, if the terrasse is all full, you can grab something to go and drink it in the park that’s right across the street.

Finally, and most importantly, their lattés are large and well-made, their almondines are delightful, and they’ve got a loyalty card that encourages repeat business with a “buy 4 get the 5th free” scheme. Win!

So now that I’ve finally sampled their wares, I can definitely recommend checking out Mémé Tartine for a coffee, pastry, or even a sandwich.

ADDRESS: 4601 Verdun
METRO: Verdun
PHONE: (514) 762-4624


2 responses to “Mémé Tartine

  1. It’s my daily morning croissant’s place, wonderful! 😀

  2. hey, i love your blog! but i can’t find a ‘contact us’ section. I have a quick question. If you could email me back it would be much appreciated. Thanks!