Pan-Asian round-up: U & Me, Soba Sushi, Wok Café

I feel like I’ve been neglecting you guys, here at Shoestring Montreal, so today I’ve prepared a Pan-Asian round-up for all those who love cheap noodle and/or sushi joints. First up: U & Me.

U & Me is one of three Chinese joints located near the same corner of Ste-Catherine and St-Mathieu in downtown Montreal. As Midnight Poutine has succinctly pointed out, the place has rather peculiar décor and looks much more like a pizza parlour than a Chinese resto. Nevertheless, I have two words for you:

shrimp toast

Shrimp Toast, by Flickr user yunicorner

Shrimp. Toast.

Honestly, it sounds disgusting, but you’ve got to try it. It will blow your mind. Basically, they slather some minced shrimp onto a slice of bread, coat it in sesame seeds, and then deep fry it. You dunk it in plum sauce and gobble it down. Share with a friend? I don’t think so. You’ll definitely want an order unto yourself. It is totally addictive, and one of the main reasons I go back again and again. I need my fix!

My husband is a huge fan of their Pad Thai, which personally I think could use more vegetables, but is still quite tasty. I usually order the typical white person’s choice, Sweet & Sour Chicken, or sometimes mix it up with General Tao Chicken. Both are huge plates of food, so you can share or hoard as you prefer. I’m also a fan of their Chicken and Shrimp Egg Foo Young, probably because it reminds me of American-style Chinese food. It’s essentially the Chinese take on an omelette, with a nice fluffy patty full of chicken, shrimp, green onions, bean sprouts, green peppers and whatever else is lying around. Cover that in a soy sauculent gravy and lay it on a bed of rice and you’ve got deliciousness afoot.

Best part? Leftovers!

Next up: U & Me’s neighbour down the street, Wok Café.

Wok Cafés friendly staff (photo courtesy Wok Café)

Wok Café's friendly staff (photo courtesy Wok Café)

Wok Café is a similarly inexpensive Chinese food joint, specializing in enormous plates of food, combo style. Their General Tao Chicken is some of the best I’ve tasted, as is the Pad Thai, which comes with lots of vegetables (my personal preference) as well as crushed peanuts, and your choice of chicken, tofu or shrimp. Check out their Salt & Pepper Tofu for a tasty appetizer. It’s deep-fried to perfection. I’m also a fan of their “dim sum” selections, and the vegetarian one (Combo F) is a heaping helping of bean-sprout chow mein, veggie dumplings, vegetable bean-curd rolls, and sticky rice with vegetables. Get it to share with a friend or you’ll have leftovers for later.

Wok Café is great whether you’re a vegetarian or love meat, as they have quite an extensive menu for the veggie-lovers. They even do a General Tao Tofu, if you’re into that kind of thing.

All of their combo options come with a soup (hot & sour or wonton), rice and a side of veggies, so it’s quite a bit of food for under $10. Highly recommended!

Finally, if you live in NDG you should definitely check out Soba Sushi.

Delicious sushi (photo via Flickr user avlxyz)

Delicious sushi (photo via Flickr user avlxyz)

Located on Sherbrooke West just past the end of Westmount, you can easily grab a 24 bus from downtown for quick access to this little sushi shop. I used to live around the corner from them, so I was here all the time ordering one of their $10 combos for lunch and/or dinner. There’s plenty of sushi to choose from, so you can mix and match or order combos from the menu as you see fit. Take it to go or sit down and enjoy some saké with your meal!

The main draw of the place is the fact that it’s quite inexpensive, and sushi tends to be filling even though you’re only eating a few pieces. You can definitely get your money’s worth for $10-$15 here, and if you’re not into fish, they’ve also got some teriyaki types of options available.

And that’s your cheap-eats Pan-Asian round-up for the week. Enjoy!

U & Me Noodles
ADDRESS: 1900 Ste-Catherine West
METRO: Guy-Concordia
PHONE: (514) 931-0081

Wok Café
ADDRESS: 1845 Ste-Catherine West
METRO: Guy-Concordia
PHONE: (514) 938-1882

Soba Sushi
5227 Sherbrooke West
(514) 482-6883


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