Café Orange

Café Orange is, quite possibly, my favourite breakfast spot in all of Montreal. I almost hate to say that, because the place is often crowded as is, and I (selfishly) don’t really want to bring even longer line-ups, but I figure the truth will eventually come out.

Their breakfast options are so many and varied that it can be difficult to decide what to get, but I would have to say that everything I’ve ever ordered there has been delicious. My favourite, hands down, is the Monte Cristo. I’ve never seen this sandwich anywhere else in Montreal, although it was available at certain diners in the Bronx. It consists of French toast, rather than bread, which is then piled high with chicken, ham, Swiss and cheddar cheese. Café Orange serves it club sandwich style, cut into four pieces and with three pieces of French toast, and it’s AMAZING. Whenever I order it, people always ask me what it is, and I usually reply, “It’s fucking delicious!”

They are also nice about substitutions, which is important as I am not at all a fan of the fruit cup and usually request home fries on the side instead. The potatoes here are another major selling point for me, as they’re nice and salty, with bits of onion and green pepper mixed in here and there. Yum!

Another great option is the Phil Mia P (“fill me up”), which offers plenty of meat, potatoes and both French toast and pancakes, if I’m not mistaken. The 2 and 2 is also popular, including two kinds of breakfast meats, two eggs, and two pancakes, plus toast and home fries.

One of the great things about Café Orange is the fact that they offer a bottomless cup of coffee, as mentioned by Montreal Breakfast Review (who also feature some photos of their breakfast options), but if you’re one of those people who like fancy espresso drinks, you’re also in luck. They have an espresso machine to make excellent lattés and cappuccinos, and for those who like smoothies, they also have a number of fruity options in that department.

If you’re crazy enough to skip breakfast and are looking for the lunch menu, my husband highly recommends their Cobb Salad. Stuffed with avocado, grilled chicken, blue cheese, bacon, tomatoes and hardboiled eggs, this salad is huge! It’s creamy, delicious and full of protein, so it received his seal of approval right away.

Basically, it’s not your typical greasy spoon, but more of an upscale variation on the diner theme. The waitstaff is always super friendly and sweet, the food is great, and although you may have to wait a bit for a table (particularly on weekends), it’s totally worth it. The prices aren’t necessarily cheap (the Monte Cristo, for instance, is $12.95), but the portions are large and therefore make it worth your hard-earned bucks. Besides, it’s all about quality, baby! Sometimes you’ve just gotta live a little and splurge on the things you love.

ADDRESS: 4011 Decarie Boulevard (NDG)
METRO: Villa-Maria
PHONE: 514-487-5455


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