RIP Serre Picasso

RIP Picasso's

RIP Picasso's

I’m late in mentioning this, as it happened back in February, but it’s still a damn shame and thus requires a proper funeral: Picasso’s closed!

For those who somehow lived in Montreal and didn’t know about this landmark greasy spoon, Serre Picasso (aka Picasso’s) was a great cheap-eats diner in NDG. They served breakfast all day, and were open 24-7. Even on holidays, which made them a natural choice for the annual New Year’s Day brunch which most Montrealers like to celebrate. They always brought you a ton of food, the prices weren’t bad (though were getting pricier in recent years), and you could always count on seeing some strippers from the adjacent Club Amazons in the restaurant. W00t!

My husband always wondered how they could get away with using the name Picasso, as well as one of his paintings on their sign, but apparently the owners shut down due to financial reasons, rather than the unauthorized use of an infamous artist’s copyrighted works.

I will truly miss breakfast at Picasso’s, where I’d often order combo marked “Picasso warns—it’s too much!” which came with eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, 3 huge pancakes, home fries, toast, coffee and orange juice. It was usually, indeed, too much… but so delicious! And who can pass up all three meats? Plus, their home fries were awesome. Part hash brown, part mashed potato, they were creamy and crispy and made unlike any other home fries I’ve ever tasted. Their eggs benny was pretty good, too, although their “Hollandaise” sauce was definitely more cheesy than most.

The other great thing about Picasso’s was the fact that they’d deliver. I once ordered their delectable (and enormous!) Veal Parmigiana, which came in a huge slab surrounded by spaghetti in a generous amount of meat sauce. OMG, I am still salivating over that veal. Thick, chewy perfection. I can see why they went out of business, as the whole plate only cost $14.55, and you’d have two meals with that hunk of meat, easy.

Serre Picasso, RIP.


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