Café Myriade

Café Myriade artistic latté (photo: John Kenney, The Gazette)

Café Myriade artistic latté (photo: John Kenney, The Gazette)

OMG, you guys, I’m in love!!

After reading about the new Café Myriade on Chowhound, I realized this was the café I had passed on my way home from lunch with a friend near Concordia a few weeks ago. Instead of the depanneur that had previously occupied the space, there was now a café that looked pretty hoppin’, and I was intrigued. I decided to check it out.

I was downtown to have lunch with the same friend again today when I got a call saying he was going to be late, would I mind waiting about an hour for him? No problem, I said, and made a beeline for Café Myriade to check out my fellow Chowhounds’ claims.

They’re totally right: the coffee here is amazing. And I just realized I totally forgot to buy some espresso from them for my stovetop espresso maker, doh! On the plus side, this means I will get to go back, w00t!

The café itself is pretty small and could maybe use a wee bit more space for tables, but the coffee itself is really tasty. When I came in, one of the guys behind the counter was involved in a deep discussion concerning coffee with the postman, which went on almost as long as I stayed in the café to drink my latté, scribble some notes, read a few chapters of Anna Karenina and go, so I take it they were both extremely interested in the topic. Which is awesome, because I would much prefer to go to a place like that and risk asking stupid questions of someone who is genuinely helpful and knowledgeable than frequent someplace like Starbucks, where you are just another sale that has to be tended to in three minutes or less, lest you ruin their profit margin. I mean, duh.

I managed to snag the last table in the back (thankfully I didn’t have to take the one right next to the door, as it was a bit cold for that), and received a nicely sized latté brought to my table by the guy manning the machine. There was a good amount of foam and the artistic pattern you’ll see at the top of the Café Myriade blog, and after I tasted it, I knew I’d be back for more. Super creamy and delicious, not too big, not too small. Excellent!

This is definitely my new favourite café, even though they don’t have free wifi (a must for a freelancer at work) their free wifi wasn’t showing up on my iPod. Apparently they hold coffee tastings every Sunday for $10, so if you can get a spot, it’d totally be worth it.

More on Myriade? Check out their review in the Gazette, or read up on their comings and goings and coffee-related musings at their blog.

ADDRESS: 1432 Mackay
METRO: Guy-Concordia
PHONE: 514-939-1717


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  1. actually, we do have free wi-fi :). Thanks for the kind words.

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