Angela Pizzeria & Restaurant

angelasI must admit: I’ve never eaten pizza at Angela Pizzeria & Restaurant. This should not reflect badly on their pizza, as it looks pretty tasty from the photos I’ve seen. Instead, think of it as reflecting positively on the rest of their menu, which I’ve always found far more intriguing and tempting than the average pizza pie—no matter how delicious that pizza may, in fact, be.

Angela’s has a great menu, particularly when it comes to their specials. The daily specials change, along with their homemade soups, but there’s also an excellent value menu that remains constant. You can get an awesome chicken breast “burger,” with coleslaw, fries, soup and dessert for only $10! This is definitely my favourite thing on their menu, as they are probably the only place in town that offers such delicious chicken burgers. The fact that they serve up a juicy chicken breast on a bun (along with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickle and mustard, ketchup and mayo on the side) makes it well worth the price. No freeze-dried “chicken” patties here! My mouth is watering just thinking about eating one later on today.

In addition to their fabulous chicken bugers, Angela’s also serves up amazing pastas, everything from spaghetti with meatballs to tortellini in a rosé sauce, meat and cheese stuffed cannelloni, and a tasty lasagna. The portions here are also huge, so you’ll have plenty leftover for lunch the next day, or you can share something with a friend for the truly budget conscious!

Angela’s soups are also a draw, and a friend of mine likes to hit the place at least once a week for the barley soup and other favourites.

So, even though I’ve never tried the pizza for which Angela Pizzerie & Restaurant is named, I have no doubt that it kicks ass. Heck, maybe I’ll even try some tonight, just to be different!

ADDRESS: 1662 de Maisonneuve West
METRO: Guy-Concordia
PHONE: 514-933-2000, delivery available ’til 5 AM (or so says the Yellow Pages)


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