Restaurant Déjeuner La Terrasse & Pourquoi Pas?

UPDATED JULY 29, 2009: As mentioned in the comments section, Pourquoi Pas? has gone out of business. Hopefully the space it occupied will be taken up by a new, more competent chef!

I’ve been searching for restaurants on Google Maps a lot, and I’ve never understood the point of posting a review there… until now. I had some of the worst breakfast experiences of my life at two local restos, called Restaurant Déjeuner La Terrasse and Pourquoi Pas?, respectively, after I was suckered into suggesting that the hubby and I go someplace close to our house for a change.

The first place, Restaurant Déjeuner La Terrasse, looked nice enough from the outside, especially given that during the summer months they had a fairly busy terrasse (for which the restaurant is named) with people dining under a nice wide awning.

Big mistake.

As you can see from my Google review, I gave it one star—and only then due to the fact that Google refuses to allow ZERO STAR ratings.

Here’s my review, verbatim:

“Zero out of five stars just about sums this place up. We were reeled in by the terrasse, which looks nice enough. Inside, however, the restaurant is dirty (our table was never bussed and there was a dirty glass sitting on the shelf next to me when we arrived), the food is pathetic (a Croque Monsieur should NOT consist of Wonder Bread, Velveeta cheese and bacon!), and the service is terrible. DON’T BOTHER!”

That’s my honest opinion of this sorry excuse for a restaurant. I felt people should know, if they were able to find it via Google Maps to begin with (most will likely wander in from the neighbourhood, having no idea). I doubt it will help, but hey, you never know. And I’ll include the address here just so you can steer clear!

Additionally, though Pourquoi Pas? is quite close to our apartment, it’s not even worth the walk. The restaurant was absolutely empty when my husband and I arrived, which should’ve been all the sign we needed to leave. Instead, we stayed. The waitress was very nice, to the point of being intrusive with her constant refrain of “Is everything all right?” (We WERE the only people in the restaurant, so it was awkward to begin with, but that just heightened the awkwardness.) My husband’s eggs, despite his request for “sunny side up,” arrived undercooked. He should’ve sent them back, but didn’t want to make a scene, and scraped the uncooked whites away from the semi-edible yolks.

Who the hell fucks up eggs, for god’s sake? Sure, it can be hard to flip over-easy eggs if you’re a novice in the kitchen or lack the necessary non-stick ingredients (butter, oil), but sunny side up is a no-brainer; just cook them until they’re done! I think the “chef” was also the owner, and if this is a regular occurrence, he ought to be fired from both positions before he poisons someone.

Still, the potatoes were pretty good, nice and thickly cut, but the sausages were similarly underdone and the overabundance of fruit (what is it with the Quebecois and their fruit “garnish” that takes over the entire plate?) put me off. Don’t ever serve me half a banana in its peel. That’s just disgusting.

Needless to say, despite the owner describing to us some salsa night he was planning, we won’t be going back. Pourquoi Pas? Jamais encore!

Address: Restaurant Déjeuner La Terrasse – 5077 Bannantyne,
Pourquoi Pas? – 4844 Wellington CLOSED (Verdun)

7 responses to “Restaurant Déjeuner La Terrasse & Pourquoi Pas?

  1. stephanie robinson

    I just read your “review” from Pourquoi Pas restaurant… And I do agree with the fact that the owner-cook should be fired before “he poisons someone”… I ordered a veggie crepe, and bit into something really hard: it was a match… Yes, yes, a match! How the hell can you drop a LIT MATCH in crepes is pretty beyond my understanding!!!! Disgusting… I told the waitress, but we still had to wait over 20 minutes to get any kind of service, even though there was just two other people eating!!! She did go see them a couple of times, but just ignored me. I had to leave completely the restaurant before she went to see my boyfriend for the check… After my boyfriend complained (I had complained before, but I guess she didnt take me seriously…) she offered to not charge us MY meal, but still charged for my iced tea, and his meal, even though it wasnt even half eaten because of this incident… I wish I would have read your review BEFORE going there…

    By the way, sulfur from bitting in a match is quite disgusting… Even the under tasting bechamel sauce couldnt hide the disgusting taste… Not recommended…

  2. Wow! I’m sorry you didn’t read my review until afterwards, but it’s obviously a pattern at this place if they are dropping matches into the food and undercooking eggs. You have my condolences, YUCK!

  3. stephanie robinson

    Yep…Well, I have learnt my lesson, and will be checking reviews beforehand! I left a commentary on restaurant montreal too…

  4. I had a very similar experience in regards to the non-existent service and teh poorly cooked food.

    Ordered eggs Benedict which didn’t even resemble proper eggs-bene. The potatoes were so salted it made me sick afterwards and I only ate 1 and a half pieces.

    We waited forever for our meals even though there was no one else in the restaurant. Two of us got our meals, but two of us waited another 15 minutes. The cook was too busy flirting with the air-head waitress to cook our meals.

    When our food arrived we were short two sets of cutlery – we asked THREE TIMES. Finally I got up and found the cultlery myself.

    Are there no health inspectors in Verdun? This place should be shut down…

  5. Okay, this is becoming quite gross. I think we should all make complaints to the city, so I looked up the City of Montreal’s website for health inspectors. You can file a complaint online here:

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  7. They closed a little while ago. Problem solved!