photo by Flickr user maniche

photo by Flickr user maniche

Nocochi is a great little café in the Concordia ghetto that I was first introduced to on a job interview. While I didn’t get the job, I did find a café that I would heartily recommend to anyone who loves great coffee.

Though it’s not the cheapest place to grab a cuppa joe in the Concordia area (that dubious honour goes, of course, to the ubiquitous Tim Hortons shops both on and off campus), it’s definitely one of a kind. With an all-white interior, you may find yourself wondering if you’re clean enough to hang out here, but the monochromatics really work. White benches, white plastic chairs and white tables keep you focused on what you came for: sweet-ass Italian coffee.

Nocochi offers its customers Illy espresso, a name coffee snobs will recognize. Though the service can depend on how many customers are already inside, the staff are always courteous and attentive, and even if you only order a latté they’re likely to include one of their delightful mini cookies with your drink. This is, of course, a trick to get you hooked… but I can’t complain! If you’ve got the money to spend, their cookies are definitely worth a taste, particularly if you’ve brought a friend (or a date). Buy them by the dozen, and enjoy the unusual tastes of chickpea flour, cardamom, chocolate and nuts mixing on your tongue.

Additional bonuses include occasional free wifi (depending on whether or not you can catch a nearby signal), people-watching and a clean unisex bathroom. Also, I’ve never tried any of the food the café offers, but the Hour rates their sandwiches as tasty. Give Nocochi a try, if only for their gourmet coffee and freebie cookie; you won’t be disappointed!

ADDRESS: 2156 Mackay
METRO: Guy-Concordia
PHONE: 514-989-7514
HOURS: Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM, Sat/Sun 9AM-8PM


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