Pho Bac No. 1

I’m not much of a conoisseur of Vietnamese food, as I much more regularly eat a kind of pan-Asian cuisine (usually of the Chinese variety), but Pho Bac is definitely at the top of my pan-Asian cuisine list now! A bit on the pricey side (with the usual, and still–to me–inexplicable rise in evening prices for the same menu), but it’s money well spent, as they deliver a lot of food quite swiftly.

My husband and I rarely deviate from our favourite combo meal, Combo F, which consists of a small house soup (a lovely fragrent cilantro broth with vermicelli, pork and green onions), fried Imperial roll, small salad and an arrangement of three different grilled meats (chicken, beef and shrimp) spread across a bed of vermicelli noodles (or rice, if you prefer). If you dine in, you’ll also get a cup of coffee or tea included, though they axe this from the delivery, which is a bit disappointing, as I always wonder if they’d bring a Vietnamese coffee. It’s probably just as well, though, as I suspect only the boring American version is included.

I’ve heard that their Tonkinese soups are quite delicious, but we can’t ever seem to pull ourselves away from the rut of Combo F’s tasty appeal to find out. I have, on the one occasion that we actually ventured forth to dine in the restaurant (rather than have our meal delivered), ordered their Chicken and Crispy Spinach with Peanut Sauce (#41), and it was quite tasty, with some surprising cauliflower mixed into the chicken here and there. The Shrimp & Chicken Sauté With Vegetables (#48) was also quite good, with plenty of different kinds of veggies, though the sauce was a bit more watery than I would’ve liked.

All in all, I’d recommend Pho Bac No. 1 to anyone who enjoys grilled meats or big bowls of soup, as you can’t beat the amount of food you get–particularly from their giant combos (the most expensive one being Combo F at $11.75 in the evening, $10.75 at lunchtime).

FAVES: Combo F, Chicken and Crispy Spinach with Peanut Sauce (#41)
ADDRESS: 4707 Wellington (Verdun)
METRO: Verdun
PHONE: 514-362-1022
HOURS: Lunch from 11 AM to 3 PM, Dinner from 5 PM to 10 PM, free delivery


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