Aliment Soleil Sushi Restaurant

Sushi can be difficult to find cheap at a good neighbourhood restaurant. The weird thing is, I’m not even really that picky about sushi. I mean, half the time, I’m not even sure what I’m ordering or eating. Is this the maki or the futomaki, the nigiri or the sashimi? Who knows. Who cares? The point is that rolled up fish, seaweed and rice is tasty as hell, and I don’t really care which ingredients are mixed up where, so long as there’s plenty of soy sauce to dip it in and pickled ginger to spice things up. The more bang you can get for your buck, the better.

Of course, even I have my limits. I recently tried the grub at Sushi Time on Wellington, and was most unimpressed. It was like supermarket sushi, only not as good. Yikes!

I think I may have found cheap sushi heaven at Aliment Soleil Sushi Restaurant in Verdun. I’m not even kidding you: they have a $3.99 lunch special, which includes soup or salad AND the taxes in that price. Okay, so the $3.99 combo only includes cucumber and avocado rolls, but the point is that it EXISTS and it’s not that junk from the supermarket, either.

If you want random, pick a combo and let the chef decide for you. If you want to be choosy, go through the menu and pick a few here and a few there. Just be careful with the tempura, as once I accidentally ordered an ALL TEMPURA selection. The grease was traumatizing. Best if used sparingly.

Usually, though, you can make a pretty decent selection of sushi mix-n-match for around $30 for two people. Toss in a bottle of saké from the SAQ and you’ve got yourself a feast fit for an emperor. Rock on, Aliment Sushi!

FAVES: MAKI/FUTOMAKI – California (M-01), Spicy Tuna (M-03), Super California (F-04); NIGIRI – Omelette (N-09), Scallop (N-08); SASHIMI – Spicy tempura crab (N-17), Spicy shrimp tempura (N-18)
ADDRESS: 4804 Verdun Avenue (Verdun)
METRO: Verdun
PHONE: 514-807-3426 / 514-560-8688, free delivery in about 30 minutes
HOURS: Mon-Fri 11 AM to 9:30 PM, Sat/Sun noon to 9 PM


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