Noodles Express

Noodles Express is a great place to chow down on some fast, cheap Asian-style food. Located in the Concordia ghetto, just across the street from Concordia’s library building, you’ll find this noodle joint sandwiched between a truly terrible chain café and Copies Concordia.

Always hopping, particularly around lunchtime, the food at Noodles Express is pretty standard pan-Asian fare, sampling from Cantonese, Szechuan and Thai cuisines. Most students come for the noon-time specials, but I think the best buys are actually the full meals–particularly if taken to go. Why?

First of all, instead of the standard styrofoam take-away container, most of the noodles and such will be boxed up in one of these great recyclable plastic containers–way better for the environment!

Secondly, the counter staff cram at least two platefuls of food into this 6″ x 4″ x 3″ box, so you end up with two meals for the price of one!

Bargain binging at its best. Oh, and the other great thing about Noodles Express is that–like many restaurants in the student areas–the taxes are included in the menu’s listed prices. $7.50 for what turns out to be two meals is a pretty unbeatable price for take-out, and the service is crazy fast. They make your order while you’re paying the bill, so you can usually enter, order, pay and leave in about 5 minutes. Awesome!

#33-Thai style noodles (not quite Pad Thai, but deliciously reminiscent and plentiful)
#57-Chicken or beef in black bean sauce (I prefer the chicken, personally; this dish comes with lots of veggies if you’re feeling deprived)
#45-General Tao tofu (vegetarians rejoice; this dish may be even MORE delicious than its meaty counterpart)

ADDRESS: 1510 de Maisonneuve West (downtown)
METRO: Guy-Concordia
DELIVERY: available from 11 AM to 10 PM, with a minimum order of $10; call 514-939-0115


2 responses to “Noodles Express

  1. Noodles Express IS tasty and cheap but their delivery service is extremely poor. We eat there every single time we go to Montreal. Last time we decided to order delivery instead of eating in. BAD idea. We were staying near Sherbrooke O and St-Denis, in a little dead end street one street down of Sherbrooke. The guy on the phone couldn’t make out the street name i gave him so he said it would be 5$ extra because it was too far. I argued that it was close but he didn’t want to hear it. Fine. So after 45 minutes the guy still hadn’t showed up. He called back saying he couldnt find the street. I spelled it out for him yet he still didn’t understand. I told him that I would go to my street corner on St-Denis to show him where to go. I actually had to walk 3 blocks to go get my food (in a t-shirt on a cold april evening) in the guys car. This lovely person even gave me shit and asked why I didn’t give him a tip. I told him that the unnecessary 5$ charge would do. NOT satisfied. Good thing the food was good.

    Oh, and they packed the soup sideways so it just leaked all over in the bag.

  2. Ugh. That just sounds like Montreal delivery service in general. You’d think delivery people (and taxis, for that matter) might actually be required to know where things *are* in their own city, but many seem to be clueless–and mapless, or GPSless as well! Sorry to hear about your bad experience with them; I’d usually grab my meal to go and eat at home, or dine in if the place wasn’t too crowded.